child growth and development

Child Growth and Development

Child Growth and Development is the term used to describe the changes in your child’s physical growth, as well as her ability to learn the social, emotional, behaviour, thinking and communication skills she needs for life.

Over time, children experience some changes.

For Example: They grow taller than before, they lose weight or gain weight.

Psychologists call these changes growth, therefore we can name it growth to the process of increasing in size which we can measure.

For Example: We can find our weight or height. This increase in the baby can occur throughout the body or any part of it.

Growth refers to changes in the human body or its parts

We also see that children learn a little more as the body parts grow.

For Example: Walking, Speaking, working with body parts etc, They use their body parts in different ways to learn things.

They have to be controlled to make the body parts work.

For Example: to hold the pen, fingers’ movement should be in control. To control the eye for reading etc.

The child adapts to the physical organs according to his/her environment and needs, and he/she can take control of it. So we can say that:

The development is the modification of the body’s functions due to changes in structure or texture.

If we study children to see how they grow and What changes do they make as they grow?

So, it is known that development occurs in children under certain principles

1: Development is a systematic continuous process

Experts divide the development into different modes just for their convenience and study, otherwise it is a systematic continuous process.

For Example: Childhood age, Childhood and adolescence etc. In fact, the process of development begins with life and continues till the last minute although the speed may be not the same.

2: Development is a creative process

Development helps to determine the next role of each physical activity. Speaking the child’s first word motivates him or her for the next conversation. The baby’s first step is to walk and run.

3: Time of appearance of development

Development is a continuous process but is rarely seen during adolescence, no change is immediately apparent. Therefore, predictions about child development can be made but that doesn’t always have to be true.

4: All children have the same growth rate

There are different reasons. One of them may be the environment or the quality of the die. Therefore, it is important to take all these conditions into account when making a forecast, in which the child is being raised. Individual differences must be considered a natural fact

5: Two additions to development

Development varies from boys to girls, with each addition, In the case of physical development, this discrepancy is much more noticeable

6: Growth and mental development have a special relationship

The child should be educated according to his or her age, The work that a five-year-old child can learn, a two-year-old kid cannot learn.

7: There is a special sequence in the development process

Teeth emerge, Some teeth come out first and some later and wisdom teeth that come out at the end etc., Each development process follows a specific sequence.

8: Development starts from

Development goes from head to feet. That is, the head is first complete in the human body then the legs, etc., reach their full or just the right amount

The study of human life and development is not only interesting but very important. Especially for those who have it somehow is related to children. These include parents, teachers, sisters, siblings and people who are close to the child. They have a direct and indirect effect on it.

1: Parents often compete with their children in normal life. For example: Your brother got good numbers, why didn’t you? It’s bad for the mental health of children. This creates jealousy in children. Now the disadvantage will be that the child left behind will continue to burn in the fire of envy and he/she would think that my natural brother is the cause of my distress.He/She would continually ask God to get rid of this brother.

Some parents like to improve their children’s educational performance. Therefore, they impose undue restrictions on their children, they prevent children from playing sports. This is an unwise step which makes children hate books.

2: Some parents, especially mothers, threaten their children just saying: Let your father come and repair you, as a result, children suffer shy, timid and lonely. Obviously then these things have an impact on their growth.

Note: Parents should be a sign of protection to their children rather than threaten.

Teachers also make similar mistakes. So, this is necessary to study different stages of children’s development for both teachers and parents..

3: Sigmund Freud Says: All the disorders of adult life are rooted in unpleasant childhood conditions. This is why it is important for both parents and teachers on how to treat children on different occasions.


Fatima, an eleven years old girl studies in seventh class. Her teacher guess that she is slowed down in study against other classmates. By the way she looks better, she wears great clothes in a good way and she is good mannered too.

Her teacher tried to know the point “the girl who looks so good is why not good to study” then she “teacher” finally reached to the point that she “Fatima” is the only girl of the parents and her parents are rich. So everything is taken care of in the house. Now the result of that overflowing love is “she doesn’t care about her study”.

If you study other children like Fatima, you will know that they are completely different from each other.

All the children are alike and they study the same thing in the same class, but if they study carefully it will be revealed that each child is completely different. The way they read, they do, they learn is different. Not only this, their stature, size, shape and manners are also different.

The question here is that on the one hand, many things are common to children, On the other hand, they have a lot of differences. Why is it so?

Psychologists have done a lot of research to find the answer about child growth and development. With the help of their explained principles we found out that What stages the baby goes through during his/her growth? And What factors affect a child’s development?

We have used the words “Growth & Development”. So, Before proceeding, it is important to review these two words: What psychologists mean to them?

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